Hotels Vs Self Catering – Holiday Rentals

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Hotels Vs Self Catering – Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals

It always amazes me that so-called travel experts; focus so Holiday Rentals much on hotel stays and often completely ignore self-catering accommodation for; sightseeing vacations. An ostensibly American site that brings its expertise to people traveling to Germany, Austria and Switzerland pays a lot of attention to their site and in their newsletters to get the best; deals on hotels and meals and ignores them. benefit. Tourism and Travel

Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals

The accommodation advantages

Even the most basic self-catering accommodation offers the advantages of more space than a hotel room and a lower price per room. Per capita and the potential for significant savings on the cost of a restaurant meal with the option to eat at home., which may Holiday Rentals involve a bit of cooking. if you buy ready meals or take them with you. And you just have more flexibility – you can have breakfast in a bathrobe and just a cup of coffee and toast if that’s all you want. You can pack a brunch in the middle of the morning if you want to sleep and then start sightseeing.


Cleaning in hotels at Holiday Rentals

And of course you don’t have to worry about the restaurant opening times in the evening and you can have a midnight snack whenever you want. Of course there Holiday Rentals are drawbacks, most holiday homes do not offer daily cleaning, but many people are annoyed by the arrival of cleaning in hotels at inappropriate times and the feeling that they have; to get out of the way while cleaning. And you usually don’t have a footman to help you with your luggage. The lack Holiday Rentals of around-the-clock concierge service can be cumbersome, but vacation; rentals.

Vacation and travel  budget

Perhaps the biggest problem with booking a vacation rental is finding one that has flexible booking periods, but there are plenty and they are quite easy to find by entering the desired dates into the search engines on the major rental sites and looking , what comes; up. Another issue is quality: how do you know that the apartment you book will be clean and well; equipped? In a hotel there are international standards; They are not infallible, but they can be a good; guide. There are valuation systems for holiday homes, but few owners have appraised their property. You should look closely at your message on the site, preferably go to the owner’s site.

Holiday homes in Bayerisch Eisenstein

See how much care they have taken in providing information; on their website Рthis is a good guide to how much care they have taken in preparing the; house. At our holiday homes in Bayerisch Eisenstein in the Bavarian Forest, we have met many creative; travelers who use holiday homes on the go. The 17-18 year old Inter Rail group from the UK (very entertaining, although we might accept a deposit next time!). Large groups of British walkers who book our; apartments for a whole week and get more space for less  than they would retire and we arrange breakfast; dinner and a bus ride to Cesky Krumlow for them.


American family stops

The American family stops on the way back to; Dubai. And the family who just wanted a stopover for a few days on their way back from their holiday; in Spain. (The last 2 examples involved some unusual logistics solutions). And much more. With a 5 star full service apartment, 3 double bedrooms with bathroom, kitchen/dining room, large living; room, 2 balconies and private garden that costs only 145 euros each. At night, with breakfast the first; day, large CD collection and DVDs for evening entertainment and food and drink supplies to purchase.

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